Pics of shaved girls


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Gardazahn 2 years ago
Yup. I agree with all that. That's why I compared him to Obama. I think he can become very popular. But, I think we can say in hindsight that Obama was not all we hoped he could be. Obama wasn't overall a bad president, he was better than the four presidents before him for sure. Beto would not be a bad president either. But still, I believe we could do better.
Nizuru 2 years ago
Damn girl you're fine as hell! Love all your art work. If there was a way to give your pics 2 or better yet 10 thumbs up, I would definitely give them A 10!
Vudorr 2 years ago
Uhhhh good fickД·k
Fenrilar 2 years ago
i know she,s every mans fantasy

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