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Kazimi -3465384 ago
and a nice set of vids as well you love to show off and shake that sexy booty of yours
Mezijas -3983784 ago
LOL! Always wrong, never in doubt.
Tazahn -3378984 ago
I don't particularly think anything of it. But generally, I would say it a) depends on what social media is used for. If they are an influencer or it's otherwise a business, not posting them makes sense. b) It's generally a good rule of thumb to keep your relationship off of social media and generally your private life.
Gazshura -3465384 ago
I wish I could target comments like yours here Mr. Screwtape to present every time an atheist says atheists don't believe there Is no god, they just haven't seen proof of their being one.
Goltizshura -3810984 ago
Please make more. With more close ups and from behind too.

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