Sex addiction and faith

473 2 years ago
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I Was a Sex Addict: 10 Steps I Used to Find Freedom

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Breaking Free from Sex Addiction is Almost Impossible but 2 Things Can Set You Free | CBN News

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Breaking Free from Sex Addiction is Almost Impossible but 2 Things Can Set You Free

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Kazragis 2 years ago
I continue to ask the same question, not aimed at you of course but just in general. This is a much broader arc then what you intended but it boils down to the most basic and obvious of question. If our happiness is paramount to him why then would such ridiculousness be allowed. For a being whom is all powerful and omnipotent in what way can unknowable love allow such divisiveness, such fear and such hate. The part that I dot get and again under the why would he do that umbrella comes this train of thought. Everyone calls Satan the father of evil, however that is wholly incorrect. We know through scripture that only God can create, only he has that power. Satan can influence, he can manipulate, he can encourage but he can not create. Thus all evil must have sprung from God's creation. God create hate, envy, fear, lust and so, if it is something in this world then it was created by God. Satan feast off such things that were created by God. So again the question is why would he in his perfect world even think to create these things.
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