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Akile 3 years ago
I'm sure you can find some still roaming the field trying to return to the summer of love on occasion.
Faumuro 3 years ago
What is the name of black-haired?
Fenrishakar 3 years ago
My guess is that the Big Fall won't occur until the second quarter of next year (25-50%). This is just volatility probably encouraged by the hedge fund people, who may have some temporary impact. I suspect, at the moment, the major national players (the EU, China, Japan, et al are in discussions regarding how to continue the global economy without the United States.
Kigadal 3 years ago
I really like your post on you profile, it is very true and it should never be used as shaming a girl for liking sex! BUT it can be used in other ways as well. For example me and my girlfriend likes rougher sex, sort of a BDSM-style to it. BDSM is a broad term that does not only include whips and chains but LOTS of psychological and physiological sexuality.
Faegul 3 years ago
Give me your hangouts, fb and kik, we can have lots of fun,

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